About the Coaches

Coach Schruender is a teacher in the Saugus, MA school district and current Varsity Girls Head Coach for Saugus High School. The Saugus Sachems hosted a home playoff game for the 1st time in 30 years after winning the NEC South with a 16-6 record this past season. Coach is an avid reader on all subjects around psychology, basketball, economics and the power of positive thinking.

Coach Brablc is an assistant coach at Saugus and has been for the past 4 years. He focuses on coaching the bigs and works to scout, cut film and crunch statistics via Hudl to inform practice plans and areas to work on for players and the team. In his day job, he helps to build awareness and brand at successful venture backed startups like SmashFly and Tank Utility (and it’s due to their flexibility that he can coach).

Coaches Schruender and Brablc are both Boston College grads and played basketball in the Plex at least 5 times a week, playing one memorable game with the immortal Doug Flutie. They both agree that if BC makes the Final Four they will be going no matter what (power of positive thinking, remember).

The players agree: Coach Brablc is a better basketball player than Coach Schruender