MIAA Girls Basketball Power Rankings 2023

The Unofficial MIAA Girls Basketball Power Rankings Predictions – January 18, 2023

The first MIAA Basketball Power Rankings from Boys and Girls will be out sometime today. You should be able to find the rankings on the MIAA Power Rankings website here.

If you are interested in what goes into the rankings, check out my first Unofficial MIAA Girls Basketball Power Rankings post.

January 18, 2023 MIAA Girls Basketball Power Rankings Predictions

The first group of Power Rankings are out and we have a few differences from my rankings predictions. I went back and updated scores that I missed or had wrong and added games not on my schedules. While it’s close, it’s still not exact.

A few things that have caused differences:

  • More Scores through Publications and Twitter
    • My spreadsheet has a good amount of scores that were not included in the scores reported with the release of the Power Rankings through Arbiter yet.
  • Not Counting Some One Off Games
    • I’ve found a few instances where scores aren’t in the released scores that I believe happened. I’ve included all the scores I have in the below spreadsheet.

Below you’ll find an update to both the Schedule and Scores sheet and the current projections.

Schedule and Scores


Adjusted Girls Basketball Power Rankings & Brackets

This should show the updates to the rankings based on the scores above. A few updates were made here:

  • Top 25 Team Rankings
    • Since the Globe does a Top 20 Teams in MA, I figure I’d do one off the Ratings I’m doing. See the tab for the final results.
  • Future Opponent Ratings
    • I created a field in the Rankings for Future Opponent Rating. This averages the opponent ratings of all future opponents for teams to show how hard schedules are going forward. Obviously, this will change and update as games are played but can give a little bit of foresight in terms of how strength of schedule and potentially MOV will be affected for teams going forward.
      • This also doesn’t take into account end of season tournaments as the data on schedules for who is playing who is not yet available. So I would assume this rating to be higher than what is presented for anyone playing a postseason tournament.

I’ll keep updating this weekly or bi-weekly as the season progresses.

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