MIAA Girls Basketball Power Rankings 2023

Unofficial MIAA Power Rankings Girls Basketball – January 22, 2023

OK, we are about halfway through the season and the rankings are starting to crystalize a bit. There’s still a number of un-answered questions for me on the rankings formula and calculations.

There are some missed scores in Arbiter as well as some Out of State and One Off Opponents that aren’t included yet.

Out of State and One Off Opponents Questions

I have a tab on the Schedule of All Games and Scores spreadsheet below for Endowment Games and One Off Games. There’s a number of discrepancies between my data and the MIAA reported data. Examples include:

  • Cathedral
    • If you look at the Cathedral MIAA reported scores, they only have two One Off opponents but in Arbiter they list 5 with scores. I’ve updated my scores to include only 2 of those games but will look at if and when they add in the other games.
  • Day and Evening Academy
    • They play two games against MIAA foes but their 1/16 game against Cristo Rey has not been reported yet. With one game currently counting they carry a hefty -28 Total Rating right now.
  • Carlsbad
    • Three MA teams played Carlsbad through a tournament that was played, however, two of the teams took an Endowment Game. With this I’ve made this game a “One Off Game” as Carlsbad plays only one MIAA team officially (Westwood). I believe this is the correct interpretation.

As I said, my results have been directionally correct but it’s hard to project as there are inconsistencies with the data and process in many areas.

MIAA 2022-2023 Girls Basketball Power Rankings – January 22, 2023

So here we go. Below you’ll find the rankings that I’ve been able to put together for the season so far. There was a skew toward lower ratings with this rating system. Unsure why but will see the comparison with the rankings on Tuesday.

The rankings should become more accurate with more scores from more teams:

Schedule of All Games and Scores


Power Rankings By Team with Current Division Rankings and Brackets

  • Note that there are tabs for Rankings and Brackets for each Division


I’ll try to update these rankings once or twice a week during the season. Enjoy!

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