Social Media from a Basketball Coach Perspective

I sat down for a third annual breakfast hoops talk with Steve Boudreau (Boudah). Last summer he gave me great advice for building a youth program. This year we touched on a number of topics which I will break into a couple of posts. Today’s focus is on social media. I asked him specifically about what involvement a coach should have, expectations for players, and some people he recommended on Twitter.

Program Twitter & Instagram Accounts

Boudah was a huge advocate for social media, “If you’re not there as a program, you’re missing the boat.” He said it adds value and cannot hurt your program. Provided you are not over the top and use common sense of course.

There are numerous opportunities to reinforce the positive aspects of the program to all stakeholders. For instance, putting out a video of a drill that demonstrates competition will show younger players and travel coaches what they could do in their own practices. Administrators will see the positive values that are coming out of the practice. And parents can have a glimpse at what they are missing since they often attend games. Boudah even went so far as to tell me that I’m not putting enough on my personal/school Twitter account from stuff I post on this site. I’ve already responded by retweeting a post about Dick DeVenzio’s book.

Expectations from Players on Social Media

If mom wouldn’t approve, do not post it. Keep it private. This advice from Boudah was hardly groundbreaking or original. What I loved though was what he supported this statement with. He referenced Josh Hader. Of course since we talked last week, add Trea Turner and Sean Newcomb to the list. The Milwaukee Brewers flame-throwing reliever who had comments that he made as a seventeen-year old resurface this past month during baseball’s All-Star week. This is a perfect example of how a seventeen year old is going to be impacted by the decisions they make now five years down the road. I always appreciate concrete stories to give students and players to illustrate why we preach what we preach.

Recommended Follows

Bob Walsh: He is the only one on Twitter that came up for me with a check mark next to Bob Walsh. Here is his blog.

Zak Boisvert: He has a blog at The other day I saw a video from him on attacking switching defenses. What you think you notice on film he explains in words that are easily transferable to your teams. For instance, on the switching defenses filmed, he gave a few examples of point guards backing up and getting the ball right back as their teams realized they had a slow-footed and bigger defender on them. This way, these players could attack them with a head of steam.

Player’s Tribune: Admittedly I’m not a big fan of the Player’s Tribune because there is fluff in there not related to improving a coach. That said, there have been many articles that demonstrate selflessness and positive culture.

Hardwood Hustle Podcast: My assistant coach and co-writer at this site told me to download The Podcast App. I love it and have added Hardwood Hustle to my list. It’s an easy way to get better and get an outsider’s perspective if you do a ton of commuting.

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