Get Better Basketball Live

Coach Jon DeMarco asked me to participate in the Get Better Basketball Live series that he does on YouTube. We spoke about run and jump and answered several complex questions from coaches across the country.

Discussion Topics on Get Better Basketball Live

  • Is “run&jump” when you “trap” or jump switch from in front or when you force a speed dribble and chase to trap from behind? Or do these both qualify?

  • When do you trap the ball versus switch defenders on the ball? Or do you always look to trap ball?

  • What type of athletes/personnel must you have in order to use the run and jump?

  • What are some of your break down drills?

  • Do other players rotate the same way every time?

  • How would you go about implementing it as a new coach to a new team?

  • Do you end up forcing the ball handler a certain direction?

Here is the full video:

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