Best Basketball Articles

Top 10 Favorite Basketball Posts of the Month – July 2017

As a coach, we believe that you should continue to learn and get best practices from others. That’s why we wanted to share the articles that we liked from the past month. They are a collection of articles and drills we came across this month that we will be incorporating into how we approach the game. Enjoy!

Best Basketball Articles


The Game Knows by Unknown

This article was shared to us on Twitter by Coach Erik Johnson from BC. Great read on how hard work always pays off.


Basketball Coaching Toughness Culture by Greg White via (@BrianWWilliams)

Fantastic reminder that toughness is not about bruising or physicality but about your ability to put in the effort and hard work needed.


The Open Letter to the Sports Parent That’s Doing It Right by Becky Carlson (@TFcoachcarlson)

A must read for all sports parents and the appreciation that coaches have for them.


4 Quick Tips to Avoid Burnout by Chad Songy (@ChadSongy)

We always encourage kids to play other sports and be well-rounded. Love this post on the importance of having fun especially at lower levels.


Inside Vaughn Williams Decision to Return to BC by Vaughn Williams (@KennesawStateAD)

As two BC grads, we really enjoyed reading this perspective from BC’s new Senior Associate AD and the values he emphasizes for student athletes.


5 Essential Basketball Spacing and Timing Drills by Coach Kieth (@coachbasepro)

Big fan of these drills especially #1 on teaching basic spacing and movement with your teams.


Self-Aware by Scott Rosberg (@ScottRosberg)

Worth a read on the importance of players having self-awareness.


Celtics’ Jaylen Brown to host event for young players at Vegas Summer League by Marc Spears (@markjspearsESPN)

Love this story as a Celtics fan on Jaylen Brown and his desire to be a mentor to younger players in the NBA. Good reminder that the game is about teaching life skills and helping others develop.


5 Pieces to a Killer Workout by Alan Stein (@AlanSteinJr)

Liked this simple to remember philosophy on building workout plans.


Team Shooting Drills: Catch & Go Reads with Coach Ed Andrist by Nick Bartlett (@drdishbball)

This is top of mind for us as we look to work in some Dribble Drive principles into our offense and need to develop skills off the bounce to take advantage of curls and handoffs.


Those are the 10 we liked this month. If we missed any or have some for next month, hit us up on Twitter @BBGrowthMindset.





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