Best Basketball Articles

5 Favorite Basketball Articles of the Week – June 11, 2017

Best Basketball Articles

Each week, there are a number of tremendous basketball articles on blogs, websites and elsewhere. As such, we wanted to capture of a few of our favorites each week and share on the blog. If you have any we should include for future posts send them our way.

This week, we’ll be sharing articles on the Hot Hand, Things Girls Know who played basketball, the importance of summer for growth development, the “fallacy” of the hot hand and

Here are our favorite basketball articles this week:


25 Things Girls Who Grew Up Playing Basketball Know to Be True by Stephanie Hankemeier

Good reminder on the lessons you learn from playing team sports that you carry with you and the healthy habits that you form as well.


Roy Williams Secondary Fast Break – A Complete Guide by Coach Keith (@coachbasepro)

Worth a read on how to play fast and relentlessly like the UNC Tarheels. Great step by step on how they work on their transition offense.


Problems with Free Throw Practice by Brian McCormick (@BrianMcCormick)

This is an older article but something I came across recently. Great thoughts on how to think about FT practice and what to test to improve in-game efficiency.


End of Summer – Beginning of Future by Scott Rosberg (@scottrosberg)

Awesome reminder that the summer is what you make it both as players and coaches.


He’s heating up, he’s on fire! Klay Thompson and the truth about the hot hand by Tom Haberstroh (@tomhaberstroh)

Interesting look at the hot hand and whether it’s true. Worth a read!


If you have any articles you think we missed or should include in future articles, send them our way at @BBGrowthMindset.


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